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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dollar Store Decor and Reveal!

This was my daughter's mantle last year and I loved it. I used a lot of photos on my mantle last year as well, but I didn't like mine as much. I think it may be the mirror I have so this year I decided to take down the mirror and go for the pictures running up the wall effect.

I have a lot of these photos but most are in pretty ornate (heavy) frames. Since my fireplace is covered with Venetian plaster (shiny finish and I don't want to use nails), I will probably be adhering these with poster tack. Hence, the lighter, the better.

I was in the Dollar Tree the other day and saw these.

I love the photo of the soldier. He could be one of our long lost relatives. But, I totally disliked the thin plastic frame it was in. Not to worry. A trip to the frame aisle got me this little beauty. Not the world's best frame, but wood, black and light. It was a simple matter of just cutting out the hologram and putting it in the frame. I think it will work perfectly for my purposes. They had others but I want to see if I can't find some in Michaels or JoAnns in other sizes. If I do, I will probably hightail it right back to the Dollar Tree for some more light (cheap!) frames.

Isn't he a handsome devil?

And now, I know you are all on the edge of your seats to see my big reveal. My sign and post are finally done and I am thrilled with them both! This was a big project but I am so glad I finally got around to it. Can't wait to see how it fits in with my outdoor Halloween decorations this year.

The post didn't turn out to be as difficult as I first thought. I had 2 old 4X4s in the back corner of the yard. I think they were removed from our fence when we had a large gate installed. I left one 8' and cut the other as a cross piece. I pre-drilled the holes and then used 8" long lag bolts to hold the 2 pieces together. I gave it a watered down coat of gray paint, added the eye screws and chain and we are good to go.

Right now I have it propped up against the wall of the house just to see how it looks. Very soon, it will make its way out to the front of the house and join all of our other ghostly visitors.

Won't you join us? As you can see, there is room at the inn! Stay tuned!

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