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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taste of Autumn

After being out in the beautiful crisp autumn air, I wanted the smell of autumn in my house. What to do o
r where to go? Straight to my "autumn" board on Pinterest where I have pinned so many ideas that I probably won't ever live long enough to try them all. But the recipe for "pumpkin doughnuts" popped out at me. They are actually mini-muffins rolled in melted butter after baking and then rolled in a sugar-cinnamon mixture. How could they be anything but delicious? And delicious they were! I will definitely make them again. They even got a thumbs up from the 3 and 2 year olds in my family. You can go to my boards via the button on this blog and try these yourself. Let me know what you think,

After sampling a few doughnuts to make sure my energy level was up to par, I headed back to my project of the moment-an alphabet book for Hudson. Consider this my sage advice to future grandparents-or parents for that matter. Be careful what you do for the first because you're never sure how many more are to come. I should have remembered this from when we bought our first daughter a new car. I should have learned my lesson. When grand daughter number one was about 3, I decided to make her a book using photos I wasn't scrapping. I filled 2 pages per letter and when I couldn't find a enough photos to work with that letter, I filled in the pages with stickers or pictures. It was very well received and Hannah used it to learn not only her letters but the spelling of lots of words.

Fast forward two years when grand daughter 2 was going on 3. I decided to do this again and then for the next 3 as well. Now I am at number 6 and his birthday is next week. I am going to be out of town all this week so I kind of put myself in super drive. But look at my house. It looks a lot like my husband's office where he swears if I clean it up, he won't be able to find anything. Now remember, I have a room devoted to crafting. Why am I using my dining room? I was actually just going to separate the pictures out there but before I knew it I had just shoved some things aside and started. And before I knew it again, I had so much going it would take longer to pick up and move than continue working in the mess!

I have finished A-O so I am beginning to feel that I will be able to get this done on time. Hope Hudson enjoys this book as much as I have enjoyed making it for him. I always love looking back at all of the memories. How fast time seems to go and how much fun we have had! Kind of makes me sad that there is only one book left to go! If I were smart, I would start soon!!

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  1. Those look yummy! Thinking of heading up a few days early so we can visit with Becky and girls and Nana. Are you around? Could we stay a night or two with you?? Not sure yet what to do but will figure it out and call you.