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Saturday, November 12, 2011

As Seen on Pinterest

Only time for a short post today as I have spent the better part of the last 24 hours watching one sporting event or another. Anyone who knows me knows that that statement doesn't sound quite right as I am really not the world's biggest sport fan. I would so much rather be reading, crafting, decorating, gardening, cooking, get the idea. But, put my grandchildren out on the field or court or wherever and I turn into a fan!

That being said, I'm not real sure why 3 and 4 year olds are playing basketball because it is mostly running up and down the court with equal baskets made by each child (no matter how many tries it might take and how much assistance is needed) thrown in with lots of running into the padded back wall (apparently more fun here than I was able to see), climbing the goal post (not as dangerous as it sounds because it is only about 4 feet high) and numerous other diversions when the idea of running up and down the court became boring for them.

All that being said, the kids did look like they were having fun even if it wasn't exactly as the YMCA or coaches had anticipated. And as my daughter said, "where else could you get this much entertainment for free on a Friday evening?".

Today started out back at the Y but this time outside on the fields where my oldest grandson (still only 6) was playing flag football. Now this was exciting as the coaches acted as quarterbacks and would throw the ball and some of the kids actually caught the ball and ran the right way. The weather was picture perfect and it was a lovely way to spend a beautiful morning. The kids that weren't playing were rolling down green, grassy hills or just having fun in the sun. I loved it.

I must give a shout out to my son-in-law as not only was he the coach of the football team (which he signed up for) but also the coach of the basketball team as their coach is moving and he stepped up when asked. And another shout out to my other sons-in-law as they too coach soccer (Rich) or serve as booster president, score keeper for the H.S. volleyball squad and coach at the Girls' Club (Todd).

Then we just got home and the Gators were in S.C.-enough on that subject.

So, that is my reason for this short post. Wanted you to see the velvet pumpkins I made. They were all over the blogs and Pinterest before Halloween so while I was fabric shopping for costumes one day, I picked up some crushed velvet on sale. I also found some loose pumpkin stems at Lowes with the intention of getting more at the patch but I never made it to the patch this year. Luckily, my youngest daughter made many trips there with classes or her family and got in good with the guy working there. She got a bunch of pumpkins for her front porch and has promised me their stems when they get soft, so there are more velvet pumpkins in my future.

All I did was cut a circle from the velvet-wasn't even particular how I cut it. I then put a running stitch around the edge and pulled it up. Put a few dry beans in the bottom for stability and then filled with polyester stuffing. Last was to push in the stem. I have seen these made with a thick twig for the stem and it will do in a pinch but I like the way the real thing looks.

Going to be working on an ABC photo album for Hudson for his birthday coming up very soon, so I might be missing in action a bit. Have a few more things to show you, so stay tuned and I'll try to be back soon.

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