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Monday, November 7, 2011

12 Step Program May Be Necessary

So I had been out of town the entire week after Halloween. We got home on Friday evening and there were 2 large packages waiting for me. You see, right before we left Grandin Road sent me an offer I couldn't refuse! If you are a Grandin Road fan and a Halloween fanatic, you will know what I am talking about. I go through their catalog all of the time. They have beautiful things but none move me as much as their Halloween offerings.

I always make a wish list and come very close to ordering everything on that list but then, sanity prevails and I decide I really don't NEED any more decorations for this particular holiday.

And that was exactly the case this year until I got the sale e-mail and then a few days later, an extra 40% off e-mail. Now what's a girl to do?! So, I pressed that all powerful button and ordered just a few things.

And, being like any other rational person, I convinced myself to enjoy all of the Halloween ambiance for one more night-even though it was 5 days after the fact-and also to add the new things to the decor. Yes, I knew that I would begin taking it all down the very next morning, but I couldn't help myself!! Love the 2 new velvet pillows in the above photo and the fact that I got them for $6 each only makes it better!

I LOVE this spooky garland. I have wanted it for several years. Wish I had ordered more! This probably isn't where I will hang it next year, but all of the potential spots were already full for now.

And, last but not least is this fun house mirror. It flips your image at a certain distance and then distorts it as you get closer It was a bear to photograph but just know that it is awesome and I got it for about 70% off-gotta love a deal!

Any way, I have been taking down decorations for 3 days and am almost done. Never sure at this point in time why I do this every year but it is much like child birth and the pain will be completely forgotten by the time I am ready to have a go at it again.

The house is now ready for Thanksgiving and I will begin that tour in the next post. Stay tuned.

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