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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sneak Peek

Since I didn't get to all of the Halloween projects I had wanted, I decided to try and do a few for Thanksgiving. I haven't been happy with the decorating I have done on this sofa table throughout the autumn season so when I saw that gorgeous, long wooden box on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try it. Now, no excuses, but time has been of the essence lately and the hardest part of doing some of the projects that I want is getting out and buying the supplies. So, when I was decorating for Thanksgiving and remembered this, I headed out into my yard where I had a few old cross "beams" from an old pergola stacked up. We had had a day or two of rain and then the sprinklers had gone off that morning, so I was greeted with wet wood covered in lots of green algae.

Now, a saner person would have either brought the wood into the garage and given it a few days to dry off or headed to Lowes to buy new wood. Me, being the patient person that I am, did neither.

I grabbed that wood and my chop saw and went to town. If I was purchasing new wood, I probably would have gotten it a bit wider. I also didn't make it the entire length of the table because I knew that I would want a little room on either end for some height decorations.

After I got the whole wet, gummy thing put together, I realized that I could take a wire brush and knock off a lot of the algae-too bad I didn't realize that before I was done. Never-the-less, I love it. It fills the space without lots of little things and gives me just the feel I was looking for. And, when I was grabbing other autumnal things from the shelves, I found this old brown jug that I haven't had out in years. I simply stuffed it with a few branches and I love the rustic feel that it gives. And, I think I will like this wooden box filled with greenery, lights, pine cones and ornaments for Christmas-we'll see.

I am still tweaking my current decorations and have a few other things going but my next post will begin the tour-I promise. Stay tuned.

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