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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Keeping Strong!!

I think when I last posted, I was off to Gainesville to help daughter #2 celebrate her birthday! I had such a nice time and, it didn't hurt that I got to spend a good bit of time with two precious grand daughters as well!

Since everyone was off to work or back to colleges the next morning, I decided to head home as well but make a few stops in a few of my favorite places before hitting the road. And, as you can see, I indulged myself just a bit. It truly amazes me how boring, predictable,  "cyclical" my life is. If you went back to my blog from about this exact time last year...or the one before that...or the one before would see a very similar picture.

All I can say is it is a good thing that I live in Florida because by this time every year, I am OVER winter - and we truly don't even "get" a real winter. But, we usually have at least a frost or two that will burn off all of the green leaves on flowers and right about now, everything outside looks HORRIBLE. Plus, it had stayed just cool enough that it isn't altogether pleasant enough to be crawling around on the ground without a cumbersome jacket of some sort.

But, now, we are experiencing the most gorgeous "spring" temperatures and it is taking all I can do not to hit the yard and cut everything back!! Just when I was ready to go, another Master Gardener article appeared reminding us all not to do it. We can still have another freeze and cut back things will then probably die. I want to get out there so bad!!! But, my two friends (Trader Joe's and Fresh Market) have given me just enough of a hint of spring that I can have in the house with me right now that I am holding strong.

And, you can see that I am not only a push over for the spring flowers but different coffee flavors and the lemon orzo salad will do it for me also. And, those darn chocolate covered almonds with sea salt will do it ANY time of the year! I rue the day daughter #1 introduced me to those things! After that first introduction it seems I have to visit often - lol.

I pick up tulips every week that Publix has them available...and I love them. But, this double dozen bouquet from Trader Joe's had me absolutely swooning. Right now they're so fresh that they are upright so I have them in this vase but as soon as they start some of their beautiful drooping, I will put them in one that gives them a bit more room to do so!

As much as I adore tulips, I also love irises and daffodils and, I usually grab those the minute I see them as well. Fresh Market had some but they were already almost open. Since neither of those blooms last much more than a day, I passed on them this time but will be on the look-out for the first tight blossoms I can find. Right now, I am loving red tulips for Valentine's Day!

I am also a sucker for fragrant flowers...and hyacinths are one of my favorites. I grabbed this plant because it is super heavy with a lot of stems. It was closed up tight when I got it so I put it in the sun room and overnight the blooms are starting to open. As soon as I can get the first scent from it, it will move in next to my chair in the family room.

 As you have probably guessed, I am all about the ambiance of the sights and smells - for every season or holiday. And, hopefully, those sights and smells inside will keep me from jumping the springtime gun outside...but, I wouldn't take any bets! Stay tuned.

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