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Saturday, February 17, 2018

As I Always Say...

...I love a project - or two. It's that time of year! The weather is gorgeous and as much as we are still cautioned not to cut things back just in case we have another frost, I can wait NO longer!!! I cut a lot back the other day and actually saw new growth already coming up so I am optimistic. I still have a lot more cutting back and weeding to go but I simply could not resist the beautiful color of the garden centers this morning.

I love pansies, so there will be many, many holes dug just for them. Usually fill the front bed with lots and lots of pansies. I LOVE little pansy bouquets...and, of course, the more I cut for bouquets, the more keep coming back so I will be "pansy-full" for awhile.

I also bought some larger plants to re-pot in the urns on the front porch. The poinsettias are still going strong but I REFUSE to take any of my St. Pat's pictures with Christmas plants still blooming. There is just something wrong with that scenario!

And, as if all of that gardening won't keep me busy enough, I noticed a lot of paint splatters from last week's Valentine craft on my pool deck and furniture. I'm not sure how that happened with all of the newspaper we had down but ??? In any case, I wet it down this morning and tackled it with a stiff bristled brush and it didn't budge so I picked up some of this as well.

Looks like some furniture re-painting is in my future. I am hoping I can think of something to get it off of the deck without having to re-do that as well...perhaps my old friend, the pressure cleaner?!

While I was outside, I dug up some of the shamrocks that seem to grow everywhere in my yard this time of year. One bunch has white flowers and the other has light purple. I love how right after they are dug out of the ground they look absolutely dead. But, with the sun of the sun room and a drink of water every few hours, it is no time at all that they are perked back up and soon enough they will be lush and bushy!

And, while I was out there, I cut some Gerberas and camellias...and then washed my car because spring must have sprung and the pollen is already here. Maybe I need to rethink my "project" mentality??! Lol Stay tuned.

BTW, if you're really observant, you can see hints that my house is decked out in all its "green" glory. As soon as I get the plants done, I'll be posting!

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