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Friday, August 18, 2017

Where the "Livin' " is Easy!

Now that you have been officially welcomed, let's head into the living room. I ended up leaving the new wood pumpkin here...for now. There are truly so many others places it could go and look nice but I just haven't had time to "tweak" yet.

I must say, I do love the way the rust of the urn is repeated in the pumpkin leaves and the gray of the wood is almost a perfect match to the chest...serendipity? And then the two copper vases? Ahhhh!

I almost recently threw out these velvet pumpkins. I remember a few years back when they were the rage and I went to every pumpkin patch asking if I could pick up their broken stems. I loved these things. But now, not so much. Except that I did want to use the large, wooden box that I made and the pumpkins fit the bill. Now I'm glad I kept them!

I don't think I've changed this table display in a few years. I love the rusty candle-holder, the old glass jug with wooden holder and the candelabra with glass beads that I got at Z Gallerie many years ago. It looks black in this picture but it too is a rusty brown with iridescent amber leaves and beads twisted all through it.

And look where the tin pumpkin ended up. I really thought it would sit next to a tin pitcher or jug but the book just cried out for something else and when I sat the pumpkin down there, I loved it.

So that is the living room for now. I had company yesterday and we started our "catch-up" session in this room. I had the pumpkin lights lit and the Yankee candles-Autumn Leaves scent-burning. It feels so cool and inviting even though the air outside is still stifling. When the kids are back to school, it is autumn in MY house...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Stay tuned,

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