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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back-to-School Fun

Well, school started today and we were not able to squeeze in our traditional back-to-school fun so plan B is to have them over this weekend-or next if they have to head out of town this week-and fit in what we can. If nothing else, the kids can make the dessert and I can handle the meal. Since they will have a bit of school under their belts, we can hear all about it.

In any case, there will be favor bags that I make up so I went ahead with them today. For some reason, I got brown paper lunch sacks in my head so I went with that. They're really not as cute as I had envisioned but once they see them and tear into them, it really won't matter any way.

This year I filled their bags with hand sanitizer, chap stick, pencils, pens, glue sticks, the traditional "Smarties" and cool pencil holders. The boys' are industrial looking with several zippers and fit into a 3-ring binder and Presley's is just clear but full of glitter...just right up her alley! They will also take home the gummy worms and composition books I bought after we use them in the table decorations.

Presley had a small birthday party this week before school started and we were so happy to be there. It was really hot outside so once we headed out, hubby and I pretty much rooted ourselves on the covered porch and watched the fun from there-hence, not many activity pictures but they had fun!

As you can probably tell, the theme was "horses" fitting in with Presley's new passion.

One activity will be Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Horse. Presley made the game board.

Then, of course, she wanted a pinata. Mom was kind of hoping they would have enough else to do that they might forget about it but no such luck. 

One of the few times they were quiet was when they were all concentrating on the horse paintings. There were stencils available for them to adhere and paint over, trace around and fill in or just plan sketch and paint. It is always so much fun to see how different else painting turns out!

Some of the master pieces.

I love that face although I'm not sure what caused it!

And then today, the four youngest of our grand children headed back to school. So hard to believe that we're down to just four. The other three will have their first days of college this year but I guess it's just not the same without Mom there forcing a smile when you really are not at all happy that your summer vacation has just ended-lol!

I just got back from the pumpkin patch-yep, I got first pick of this year's beauties. I'll explain soon. Stay tuned. 

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