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Monday, August 21, 2017

Take Time to Smell the "Pumpkins"

Let's head into the kitchen. Even though I love to cook, I don't do a whole lot of heavy duty cooking these days with just the two of us eating. But, this is the time of the year that if I am going to cook, I get the most enjoyment out of it!

I love to make casseroles, big pots of homemade soups and anything pumpkin flavored! And so, I have to make sure that the kitchen meets the "decor" test as well! 

I love that I could keep this vignette pretty much the same-only swapped leaves for sunflowers and the scent of the candle. Oh, and I added that big pumpkin candle. I think daughter #1 gave it to me when she was cleaning out stuff. It is from PB or Illuminations many years ago. I have always just used it in my decor but I decided this was the year to use it as it was meant and I am enjoying the flicker every time I walk by it!

I can't wait to get this beauty cranked up this year. I found this last year at WalMart. It is from the Prairie Woman collection. I think it was around $50 (but if I remember correctly, I had a gift card so "free to me") so not inexpensive but so much less than it's kissing cousin at Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table! I'm sure it isn't made as well but for the amount of times I will use it, I know this one will be just fine!! And, even if I don't use it, I love the way it looks sitting on the stove top.

Still loving the ease of grabbing dishes from the baker's rack. Why didn't I use it this way all of these years? Guess some of us (me) are just slow learners!

I still love my Fitz and Floyd. I just realized that it has been so long since I have been to one of their stores that I had to Google to see if they were still in existence-they are! Plus, I love my two grandchild produced autumn trees!!

If you are a true reader of this blog, you might remember a few posts ago when I showed you the table runner I bought at HL. Well, I need to learn to read the small print. I thought this was a table runner and I had planned to use it on the dining room table. But, when I snipped apart the wrapping, two place mats fell out instead. Wasn't in the game plan but I went with them and put one under the leaf bowls. Somehow I like the soft colors on both and I'm good with it.

I am one lucky lady! Not only do I have my pumpkin painting from an "old" friend but I have this beautiful framed autumn print from another dear friend. Daughter #1 bought it for us as a Christmas gift and it has been in one of the guest rooms since then. That particular room lends itself more to the autumn colors all year long and me being the seasonal obsessive that I am, I can't have autumn out with winter, spring or summer in the rest of the house. I have been eagerly awaiting my chance and it will now stay with us until Christmas comes out! I absolutely love the print but I love more the fact that she now gets to live amongst this beauty all the time since she has moved to Tennessee!

So that's the kitchen for this year. Talking about cooking and pumpkin flavors got me to thinking....I think I'm going to go through my recipes right now and see if I have what I need to whip up some of my pumpkin donut holes. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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