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Friday, August 11, 2017

I Know, Right?

Sometimes you are just too tired to fight logic.

I saw this beauty on a quick trip to Hobby Lobby this morning and it "spoke to me". I looked at the price and decided, nope, I could make that. But then my inner self started yelling and I knew that right now, I just don't have the time or the energy to whip up one of these cuties in time to use it for this year's autumn decor. And then, when my eye caught the 40% off sign, I knew it was destined to happen. Yep, right into my cart it jumped.

The gray tone of this pumpkin has me thinking I will be using it in the foyer on the gray chest so I put it there to see how I like it-and I do. And, of course, the rusty leaves and tendrils couldn't be any better!!

I will have to see what I used to have here for autumn but I know this guy will somehow get worked into the vignette.

And then for unfinished business...when I last posted I told you I had just returned from picking the first pumpkins of the season. And, I wasn't lying. I have truly been waiting a year to get my hands on these beauties!

The whole story starts many years ago with one of my girls' most beloved middle school teachers. Not only is she a gifted teacher, but very creative as well and she and I became friends and actually did some craft shows together. Fast forward all these years. She is now retired and has used her passion for art to fuel a second career. She started painting and began showing her work in small venues...and it just took off. Her sense of color and whimsy shines in her "bloomies" paintings as well as her renditions of cows, dogs, sheep, etc. But for me, her pumpkins were the stars of her first large show. I couldn't make it to her premiere showing and by the time I got there, they were all gone and she had taken so many commissions that there would be no more pumpkins for awhile.

I finally got the nerve to ask her if she would be doing any more this year and she told me she had done so many last year that she was about over them but she had had a number of requests like mine so she would do up a limited number this year and I could have first pick of the crop.

I was so excited and anxiously awaited her call...which finally came the other day. I went out to her beautiful home and when I got done looking at all of her beautiful decorating and fabulous property, I made my decision. A traditional orange pumpkin for me:

And, this more muted, cream pumpkin as a birthday gift for daughter #1-who is as crazy about holiday decorating as I am. I hope she loves it. Not to mention that it was painted by one of her all time favorite teachers!

I went out this morning and bought a pretty wooden easel to use to display my pumpkin. Right now it is sitting on our family room mantle but I'm not sure where it will be when all things autumn leaf and pumpkin come out pretty soon. Wherever I put it I know it will be the star!! Stay tuned.

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