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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wearing of the Green

St. Patrick's Day is just a week away and I think I have pretty much finished decorating. Thought I would show you a few of the leftover shots I have taken around the house. This flag flies out front. I try to fly a flag for every holiday or season but when I started doing this it was easy to find unique and detailed flags. I liked the ones I found in garden boutiques. They were usually embroidered and uniquely shaped. I guess maybe the flags are beginning to be a thing of the past because as mine are fading, I am finding it difficult to find new ones that I like. Sadly, a time honored tradition may soon be coming to an end!

This year, this metal sign hangs outside over the front window of our house.

I realize when seeing these pictures that I treat the sunroom as the "ugly step-sister". It kind of just gets the leftovers. I think I do this because by the time I have finished decorating the rest of the house, I am tired and just happy to put the things still in the bottom of the boxes in here. This is a nice room, and I love it. I have actually begun to think about changing the color scheme out here so I will have to make a point of doing a better job with my seasonal decor as well. This year, I moved this banner out here after I made the new one for the dining room. I made this one last year (I think) from a download from "My Crafty Little Page".

This is the kid's video storage in the sunroom. I wanted all of their DVDs and videos to be where they can reach them and this seems to be the room that they use most often for TV watching, Legos, etc. I decided to do a bit of decorating here as well.

Had to put my "hand" and Bingo card somewhere-it is tradition but they didn't seem to fit anywhere else this year, so this is where they landed! Don't you just love my whole hearted endorsement?

Flower basket on the front door. I still love this as all I ever have to do is swap out the filling for the holiday. Much easier to store than a different large wreath for each holiday!

So that is it for St. Pat's. My next post is going to be a favorite of mine because I found a "keeper" when I was out and about the other day and saved a bundle too! Also want to show you some of my birthday goodies. Stay tuned! If St. Pat's is going, can Easter be far behind?

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