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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top O' the Morning

Some vignettes from in and around the kitchen. They are all pretty self explanatory and much the same as last year. A few little tweaks here and there but since Easter will be following so closely behind St. Pat's this year, I decided not to do a lot of adding and changing...if it's not broke, etc.

This is the first of 4 bouquets of flowers that I received for my birthday. My husband brought me a mixed bouquet of spring flowers and each of my girls brought me a bouquet of tulips-they all know me so well! I LOVE my spring flowers!!

This is the window over my sink. I have somehow become enamored of colored glass bottles. I think that happened when I opened the PB spring catalog and saw the huge, antique wine bottles they were offering. They are gorgeous but so is their price. And, I guess they really are antique as you have to let them pick the bottle for you and the size will vary within certain parameters. I love PB and I trust them completely so I know I would be happy with whatever they sent but I could get more punch for the buck somewhere else I think so for now, I am resisting. I noticed how some of my recent wine choices came in beautiful green and amber glass-just the colors of Ireland- so I decide to set them on this pass through and see how I liked it. Funniest thing how there is already another bottle added to the collection since I took this photo-and it is a lot bigger! I love the way the glass shines as the sun comes through so, for now, these are keepers. I think I will probably move them to a window sill in spring and pop a single flower in each for a new look.

Just a little bit more to go so stay tuned. I had a wonderful birthday thanks to my wonderful family so I will fill you all in on that as well.

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