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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Thoughts From a Hectic Life

Here is my latest lantern. It was a birthday gift from Daughter #3 and family. I love it mostly because of its size and the fact that it is so different from all of my other lanterns. Since I don't have much spare time right now, I put it here on the sofa table in the living room. I like it here but feel the "need" to work it into a vignette so that will be coming as soon as my time frees up a bit.

They also gave me this pitcher which I absolutely love! It is just the feel I adore-beat up and rusty. One of those things that would prompt my husband to say "how much did they pay you to take that off of their hands?". I am totally enamored of the colors of both of these items. So much so that I am thinking of finding a way to bring more of these colors into wherever they find a permanent home.

These are the antique wine bottles that I blogged about the other day. They are gorgeous! I love them ! They are from PB and more than I would probably spend for a bottle. But I couldn't get them out of my mind. I went to HL -which has a huge glass section- hoping to find a knock off but all of their large bottles read too modern for me. I was disappointed but life went on. Fast forward a few days and I found myself in Kohls looking for St. Pat's frames and linens when I looked up and saw this....

It was in the Elle design section. It is hard to tell from this picture, but it is pretty big. I turned it over to see the price tag and it read 119.99. I actually got out my reading glasses to see if I read that right because if I wouldn't spend that for a one of a kind antique bottle from PB, I sure wouldn't spend that here. But then my eyes noticed a little digital frame hanging off the shelf. These are apparently the new sale signs at Kohls. And there staring me straight in the face was "60% off". Now that was a lot better and I had another 30% off coupon to use at check-out. I quickly did the math and decided that this guy would be coming home with me. Right now it too is just sitting on the couch table but I know it will find its way into much of my decorating for a long time to come.

And yes, we have another basketball player in the family. I must say that Harrison's game was a lot more exciting than his brother's because he is a few years older so the boys are beginning to catch on to the idea of guarding, scoring, etc. Now if someone would tell them that they are supposed to being guarding the other team, things might work out better for all. Still, a fun evening for a Nana and Papa!

Spring is definitely in the air and I hope it will soon be in my decorating as well. Stay tuned.

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