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Monday, October 17, 2011

One More Room

I always decorate my guest bathroom for the holidays or season but I have never posted pictures before. Now I know why. This isn't a particularly large bathroom and getting pictures from the angles I wanted was nearly impossible. Never-the-less, I have a few to share with you today. I like to decorate this room as it is the one my grand children use when they visit and they enjoy seeing what is here.

It is hard to see, but even Colgate is co-operating now by putting out tooth paste in Halloween containers-gotta love it!

Yes, that is a Halloween shower curtain. As my husband would say "doesn't every home need one?". In my defense, I found this at Kohls 2 years ago the day after Halloween and it was probably 65% off. I really like it and now that I no longer have the curtain hooks built into the rod, changing it out is a snap! Oh yes, I also found the pumpkin curtain hooks at the same time. How could you possibly have one without the other?!

The tassel in the above picture is one I made back when everyone was hanging tassels off of everything. Nobody does that any more but it took so long to make that I can't bear to get rid of it. Hence, it now hangs here. For no reason other than it can.

As I look at these pictures I realize that the bathroom isn't really very imaginative. Maybe it will go on the list for renovations next year. Stay tuned.

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  1. I like that shower curtain. If you ever see another one, can you pick it up for me?? I like it better than all the ones with pumpkins or the really scary ones. I think the house looks great. I CANNOT believe it's already the 17th. I have been too busy Pinning things and not enough time crafting!