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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creepy Cloth

O.K. In my "circle", I am not necessarily known as being a frugal person. I LOVE to shop and will usually buy something if I REALLY want it. That being said, I mean I will buy something I want within certain parameters. I am not a "money is no object" sort of girl and my taste is good but not 18 carat gold faucet kind of taste.

All that being said, I came very close last year to spending $80 a panel on black lace Halloween sheers. I saw them and fell in love. I wanted them-no, in fact, I thought I needed them! But, I wasn't sure of my front window size and how many I would need. Since I found these at a little independent boutique, they couldn't be returned. I headed home to measure fully intending to go back and get them the next day. Then, as life will, something came up and I was busy the rest of the month. Other things of real importance took over and I never thought of them again.

Fast forward to 2011. I started to think of them again. But wait, I had just purchased some "creepy cloth" for my decorating and thought I would give it a try. I love how this turned out!!! As you enter this room, you just get a feeling of foreboding.

I have since made 2 more "emergency" trips to Dollar General ( I bought out my $ Tree) for this stuff. It is $1 a package. Yes, $3 total for this window compared to the $240 I would have spent last year and because it is raggedy instead of lace, I like it all the more!

You can't go wrong with this stuff. It is so easy to work with. If it stretches a bit and creates a hole, all the better! I tried to make this harder than it needed to be. My drapes are up with clips and I was trying to attach the cloth under each clip. That was easy enough, but a bit time consuming as I tweaked. Then I realized that all I had to do was loop it over the top of the clip and I could move them around to my heart's content.

Once I had this, I started thinking about how else to use this magical stuff.

How about draped over the kitchen pass through?

Of course as table covers!

Mantle cover.

Or, how about simply thrown over a lamp shade for a bit of an eerie cast on the wall. And, if you happened to pick up a package of $1 spiders, all the better!

And if one lamp is good, how about 2?

And if 2 is good, well you know the drill.... This one has just a little piece that I was actually on my way to the trash with when I spied this little lamp and thought I would give it a try. I like!

I have several more packages just waiting to be ripped open and used. As a matter of fact, I think I will run to the store and buy all I can find before this post reaches everyone and you buy it all up when you see just how wonderful it really is-ha-ha.

I am having a ladies luncheon on Saturday and plan to use some of it on my table. If I come up with something cool, I'll share. Stay tuned.

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