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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And On We Go!

When I saw this picture, I realized how often I use the frames that I made from a tutorial from (I think as it was awhile ago) How'd She Do That? I made them for everyone as a gift for some occasion a year or so ago. The secret is that the front is a piece of metal and by just using decorative magnets, you can change out the image for any holiday or season or put in a family photo. I use these a lot for downloads of vintage postcards.

I must admit that when I saw this picture, I hated this coffee table. The large copper bowl was sort of a desperation move as I was running out of time. Just sort of threw in all of the left over "body parts" and thought I would eventually get back to it and do some fine tuning. Well, you know what they say about best intentions..... In any case, I did find time to make a witch's spell book that is now on this table and helps the balance a bit. I will get a picture when I take some shots of some other small projects I have managed to squeeze in.

I used to have more merchandising area on the bookcase, but Lego storage has taken over the bottom 2 shelves. Now, I could move the Legos somewhere else for the next month but since easy access to these once foreign objects (my first 4 grandchildren were girls preceded by my own 3 girls), I sort of enjoy being "cool Nana" as the boys rush into my house and straight to these shelves! Somehow, 2 more shelves of Halloween just doesn't seem necessary!!!

I should have bought more of this creepy gauze fabric when I had the chance. I have come up with a bunch of other ways I wanted to use some, but it seems as if all of my dollar stores have been wiped clean. And, since I only paid $1 for it, I can't bring myself to pay the price Wal-Mart, Michaels, etc. is asking. Apparently no one else can either as their shelves still have plenty! Note to self for next year!

I guess the family room didn't change much from last year. A few new pictures on the mantle, but how could you tell. I did make more changes in the dining room and we will head there next post. Stay tuned and "spook" on!

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