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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let the Tour Begin!

We'll start in the living room. Most things are pretty self explanatory and lots are the same as last year. My plan had been to swap things up a bit this year, but life happened too fast and since I wanted everything done before the kiddos got here, I went with tried and true. Of course, there are a few new things slipped in here and there as I can't ever seem to totally edit myself where Halloween is concerned!

I did these sconces a little differently this year. I bought the ravens at HL when they first came out because I remembered how quickly they sold out last year. Then, I gathered up some of my headstones from the $ Tree. I like the way it looks and the LR has kind of become the Poe/raven room.

I did my Poe vignette once again. I did add the skull hand and candle and the Bethany Lowe vintage garland, but the rest is pretty much the same. Still on the hunt for a CHEAP, old typewriter. Think it would be fabulous!

I have discovered that I either have too many windows or too many mirrors as taking a good picture in my house without flashback or glare from something is nearly impossible! Please know that most of this stuff really does look better in person-if you're in the area, drop by and see for yourself.

The pumpkin heads got relegated to the top of the armoire. I actually like them up there all bunched together.

Yes, this provides many a "wise crack" from my three sons-in-law but I know it is always said in a loving way so I forgive them. And the first time it isn't, I will use one of my many spells to get them back-ha-ha!

(Look closely and you'll see the MS birds in the windows.)

And here is my new love! This is the chandelier that Morgan, Olivia and Presley made for me. I added candles and ravens and I absolutely love it!!!! It stops me dead in my tracks every time I enter this room. I had the old chandelier from a long ago dining room transformation. I cut out all of the electrical and used it for some time hanging with candles over a table out by the pool. When the tree that it hung from had to come down, I just had it out there as a sort of prop. All I had to do was spray paint it black and have the girls ties on strips of gauze. I think it makes the room!

That is about it for the big things in this room. I used my MS bird silhouettes on the windows and the mice along the base boards. I have also added a few more strings of lights since these pictures were taken. I'm one of those people who will light every light and candle if I am home-even in the daylight. I just love the feel of it and I figure if I can't enjoy all of this myself, what's the point!

Lots more to show you. I think I'll even try to show you the outside and guest bath this year if I can get any pictures without me looking back at you in the mirrors. Stay tuned. It should be an adventure!

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  1. I assume you picked the cursive font in your Post Titles because it looks EXACTLY like your own cursive handwriting?!