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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Odds & Ends

I was going to take you to the front of the house next but, since I haven't taken those pictures and it was kind of dreary today, I thought I would show you a few little odds and ends. The above is a banner I downloaded last year from Chickabug blog. I just got around to putting it together. All I did was to simply adhere each pennant to black cardstock and cut a thin border. I put it together with gold brads instead of stringing on ribbon or twine because I had a feeling it was going to be long and boy was I right. With the brads, the pennants overlap just a bit so I think it is as short as it can get unless you chose to spell out just HAUNT. This is the only place in my house that was empty and long enough. Not ideal and I may start decorating with this next year before all the good places are taken, but it is fine for now.

If you can get close enough to this you can see all of the wonderful detail-which in my house right now would necessitate standing on a chair-oh well. I do love the designs and someone else did all of the work for us!

This book jacket is something else I downloaded last year from ( I think-it was a year ago ). I just cut it out, assembled and slipped on an old book.

I added it to the coffee table in the family room. That is one of the spots that has been bugging me. Still not there, but getting closer. I guess the "rule of 3" being more pleasing to the eye. is really true.

This is one of 2 Gothic candleabras that I have. I got them from Illuminations. Boy do I miss that store! This year I separated them-the other one is in the living room in the Poe display. I have been trying to keep the dining table decor to a minimum as I use this table for crafting, sewing, and yes, sometimes even eating this time of year and this makes it oh so easy to clear off.

I love this table runner. It is from Bombay Co.-miss that store too. It is just different from anything else I have seen.

My last little addition is this vintage banner I got from penniwig. I bought the download and matted it in black after printing on cardstock. I seem to do that a lot. I think the black frame just helps make the design "pop" a bit more. This one is small, so I strung it on ribbon to help it stretch across the window valance.

Many costumes still to make and a Halloween party to attend today, so I am off. I've been having a blast with "creepy cloth", so that will be my next post. Stay tuned.

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