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Saturday, October 15, 2011

And On We Go...

The kitchen is pretty much as usual. It sort of has to stay functional so most of the decor is also usable. Seems I do more cooking and entertaining in October than most any other month of the year!

The above cookie jar was a bargain from Target many years ago. In fact, I got a lot of my Halloween dinnerware and serving pieces from them. They don't have that kind of stuff any more but they do have some nice plastic stuff this year that I have picked up. I am so holiday crazy that I change even all of our dinnerware for the occasion. I have so many sets of Halloween dinnerware that it is almost embarrassing but most of it was bought at the end of a year, so I got lots of bargains...and I really use it...and who knows when I might have to serve 50 people a Halloween meal on "real" plates...and, there, have I justified my obsession yet?

I love this witch! I got her at a cute little shop in Mt. Dora. She is noise activated, so if a cabinet door closes too loudly or a pot lid bangs or a grandchild runs up and slaps the counter (which truly is one of the first things any of them has learned to do) she cackles and yells "Happy Halloween". Now, I never tire of hearing it although I will admit that she sometimes still scares me on occasion. My husband is another story!!! He is NEVER prepared for her cackle. I guess I should be worried about a heart attack but I still somehow find pure enjoyment in it. I guess I have a warped sense of humor. Yes, I am one of those people who laugh when you fall-but only after I know you aren't hurt. But, I digress!!

Anyhow, I think I have mentioned that I am out of town at least 2 days every week. My hubby and I have a bit of a game going during October. Every time I come home, the witch is missing and I set out to find where he put her this time. She is usually found facing some far off corner. I guess I could just show him how to turn her off but you think he would have thought of that himself by now so maybe he enjoys looking for new hiding places for her as much as I enjoy the thought of him walking around and doing the same! Did I mention that it doesn't take much to get a kick out of life once you pass a certain age!!!

I added the wine bottle candleabra this year. It is from Yankee Candle and matches the 3 wine bottle votives I bought last year. And, if you look closely you will see some small mice scurrying around. They were a gift from daughter #3.

This guy was going to hang in my living room this year, but after Morgan and Olivia made me the chandelier and I had a black & white theme going, he was relegated to his old spot-plus the nails were already in the right places. I really don't like the words behind his head-maybe I'll use some of my leftover over "creepy cloth" and cover that up!

This year I hit the $ Tree early and scooped up more of their $1 crows. There was something in the back of my mind from last year that I knew I wanted to do and needed many crows. Apparently it was so far in the back of my mind that I can't remember what it was so instead of just letting the birds sit in a storage box until I remembered, I set them in the branches of my twigs in the bucket. I actually like this as they are most often in silhouette when you come into this room because of the way the light enters from the sunroom. It gives a rather eerie feel and, after all, isn't that just what we're going for this time of year?

The bucket that the branches sit in was an inexpensive flower bucket from Michaels. I painted it with chalkboard paint and can write any message I want. I actually did this many years ago-long before everyone else started painting things with chalkboard paint. How about that-I must be a trendsetter!!!! Who Knew?!

I have a room or so left to show you and then I have done a bit of tweaking I want to share so stay tuned!

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