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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


O.K., I must be living right because, for once, I have actually FOUND MORE time in my life than I thought I had! So, how does that happen you ask. I was under the impression that my family would all be at my house this coming weekend for the Gator game and then Liv's birthday party and Grandparents' Day celebration. And, me being me, I had lists drawn up and my week pretty well planned out when my youngest daughter called. In conversation, it became apparent that I was off by a week. What?!!! I have the whole week ahead of me with none of those plans I had already made? What's a girl to do!

Let me tell you right up front that that didn't mean I could sit and eat bon-bons for the week as I have a number of things on my plate that have to go on no matter what, but it did mean I could breathe a little more easily and perhaps fit in some of the things on the never ending to-do list.

I headed straight to Pinterest and found the two organizational ideas that I had been waiting to try. The first was so simple-a real no-brainer as I had a tension rod not being used just sitting in my closet. I grabbed it and put it up in my bathroom vanity and I must say, it really does free up space under the sink. I know the picture looks like the space is still pretty crowded, but this is actually only 1/4 of the under vanity space, so across the whole area, it does make a difference. I must admit that I had really wanted to use it under my kitchen sink, but my cabinets are configured in such a way that that wasn't possible. I really could have used the space under there, but I will keep watching Pinterest and maybe someone will have another idea for me that will work-heck, maybe it might even spur me to come up with my own idea!

Then, I put together the cabinet door cutting board holder I was coveting. I bought the 1X2 the last time I was in Lowes, so it was a simple matter of a few cuts, a few nails and voila! Now, I will admit once again that my pesky cabinets did not co-operate the way the one in the instructions did. Seems as if the doors where I wanted to use this either had a shelf inside that came out right to the door (hence, no clearance for said holder) or, I had already installed pull out shelving and that kept it from working as well. The picture above was taken before it was mounted. I ended up having to put it on one of my narrower doors so I can only fit a few of my boards. That will be fine as my really good board is huge and I only use that these days when I am cooking for a crowd. The other "boards" we use are those real thin foldable boards and they slip in a tiny space anywhere. So, the space I just created works perfectly for the boards we use most every day and the main reason I even started this project was to free up a drawer where the boards had been previously stored. Now, I can separate "that drawer" in the kitchen that holds all of the extra utensils and is like entering a dark cave every time you have to search out a potato peeler, egg slicer, etc. I have since put all of the baking utensils in one drawer and cooking in the other and it is a true joy to open them now and actually find what you are looking for instead of just giving up and trying to pry something open with your teeth-just kidding but I have come close!

And then to top it off, I really thought that my dark green shutters on the front of the house had faded and I have been putting off re-painting them. Well, since I just got the gift of an unplanned week, I thought I would do a few of those things that just keep getting pushed back on the list. And, I already had the paint out as I was touching up some nicks in the front door paint-another list slider! Imagine my surprise when, after first rinsing the shutters with bleach, I discovered that they really didn't need re-painting-just cleaning. Apparently our pollen count was really high this year and there were layers of yellow pollen just glued onto those shutters. Who knew? Guess if I did a better job of washing windows I would have found this out sooner but now I have a bit more unplanned time to spare. I am going to light some candles and sit down and make out my "must do this year for Halloween" list and then I am going to try to stick to it. I can already find myself running in different directions and wanting to do it all and I am going to monitor myself so that I take time to "stop and smell the pumpkins". We'll see how that works!

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