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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ask & Ye Shall Receive!

I had pretty much finished my autumn decorating - with tweaking still to come - when I looked around and realized that this was the first season/holiday that I didn't have a "subway art" picture anywhere in my house. I actually headed to a blog search but couldn't come up with any that weren't mostly Halloween and, of course, that just wouldn't do for my fall theme.

Then, as I was perusing Pinterest, someone had pinned the above art. I couldn't grab it quick enough! I love something so simple and free to boot. If you want to get your own copy, go to my Pinterest button and you will find this image in my autumn board. A simple download, print out and frame - with a frame just sitting around waiting to be filled - and I had another autumn decoration to fill an empty spot just crying out for this! I have seen many blogs with tutorials on how to produce your own subway art but I am just not that confident enough with my computer and why bother any way when someone has already taken all of the hard work out of it for you?!

Love any chance I can get to show some glitter. These are the paper mache pumpkins that the kids and I painted and glittered last year. So simple and pretty and since I got the pumpkins the year before at the end of the season, a very inexpensive project as well.

These are my Southern Living jars that usually sit on my family room mantle. Since they were banned from there this year, I wasn't sure where they would go but since this is a tall area, they seem to work well - and once again my simple footed bowl makes its appearance. I guess I love that thing as I think I have used it every day since I made it - another one of those freebies as it was made from an old candle holder glued to an old monkey pod bowl that I think I bought when I was very first married and those things were all the rage!

I changed the side board up a bit this year too. This is usually where the apothecaries go, but I wasn't about them this time. Don't know how I can go from loving something so much to not caring at all - I think it has to do with what I have to go in them. Certain holidays just seem to lend themselves more to that decoration than others. They will probably be back for Halloween filled with skulls, bones, etc.

In any case, I was feeling the need for BIG here so I took 2 of my floor candle sticks and put them with the candleabra I got at Z Gallerie several years ago. I think it works because of the height of the lamp also on the side board.

The hutch and the baker's rack leave a bit to be desired, but I use a lot of the pieces on there so I like to have them out and accessible.

Do you see that pumpkin harvest sign hanging above the tureen? That used to hang outdoors on a wrought iron piece near my front door which has now moved to the new patio. That meant it had no home until I stole the black "autumn" sign that used to hang here for the family room. As they say, "necessity is the mother of invention" or "decoration" in this case. Do I love it as much as the other? No. But, it will fill a need until I run into something I like better. And let's face facts, it really won't be here very long because the first weekend in October will be my chance to have all of the grandkids here together for all of our fun festivities and the HOUSE MUST BE HALLOWEENY by then ! Trust me, my mind is already thinking. I have a bunch of new things I want to make but time goes so fast this time of the year, we'll just have to see how it goes. Stay tuned!

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