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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, Where To Begin?!

This has been a hectic summer and I really can't put my finger on just one reason why-lots of little, wonderful things that just happen to fill the hours of the days in a blink of the eye.

Finally I have a bit of time to look around and see my house for what it really is. Now, don't get wrong. I love my house but sometimes you look at something so long that you no longer see it the way a stranger viewing it for the first time might ( like the old front door that totally embarrassed my girls when they were still living at home. I had tried to scrape off I don't know how many layers of paint that were on what must have been a recycled door that the contractor used on my brand new house. I assumed there would only be one color to remove when I started that project and got too far into it to stop but just finally gave up and called it "distressed"-in the weakest definition of the word. Anyhow, I convinced myself that it was "in" and their objections fell on totally deaf ears until one day I approached that door and saw the truth! It was horrible and embarrassing and right after that I was on my way to Lowes to order a new one).

Well, as I was moving my things back into the room that my son-in-law has lived in the past year, I was greeted by this! Wow!!!! When I first had these bookcases built, they really didn't look like this. What had happened. Elton had occasionally made reference about sending out a search party for him if the books ever decided to topple off of those shelves, but his words fell the same ways the girls' did - on deaf ears. And then I saw the light!

It didn't hurt that I had been perusing the blogs and saw one on decorating shelves to be eye pleasing while still being functional. That is what I need from these shelves as both my husband and I are pretty avid readers and we have lots of books! I do pass on all of my paperbacks, but hold on to the hard covers. I really don't know why, because I will NOT re-read a book unless it is a classic.

These shelves not only serve as our book storage, but all of my children's books are stored here as well. They take up all the the bottom 2 shelves so the kids can get to them easily. They are supposed to be stored by theme or author, but by the looks of things, that is no longer happening.

In any case, I think this will be my next project. Of course, it will have to wait until at least next week as this week is already "spoken for". Or, the week after that if another, better offer comes along next week. And so it goes! We'll see. Stay tuned.

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