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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


That's how I am feeling about now. I truly thought that this week's posts would be all about my wonderful autumn decorations and that my house would be filled with the glow of candles and the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon!

But alas, all three of my daughters have beaten me to the punch! This has been a crazy year for me-many things out of my control and being the control freak that I have now come to recognize I am-and I have had to learn to be a bit-O.K., a lot- more flexible. I am chomping at the bit to pull out the fake pumpkins, leaves and acorns but life is continuing to get in the way.

Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm doing fun things and enjoying every minute of them but when I look at my imaginary time frame, I realize how far behind I am and begin to hyperventilate!

I have literally started 6 different projects and am trying to contain myself from starting more until these are done. But, that does not make for a happy me. I am finding myself going in circles more and more and really not accomplishing much of anything. Am I the only one who does this???

Yesterday, with plans to get much done, I once again deviated off of my path. My husband and I headed out of town for no reason. Went down to the Villages where I spent the better part of the day picking up more supplies for just more to do! He really is a great guy when it comes to patience with my shopping habits. I think he kind of got a chuckle when he saw me breathing in a paper bag in Michaels-just kidding. But I kind of could have. This is a new, huge Michaels and the Halloween stuff was literally 5 feet inside the front door. Swoon!!! How could I feel this way about anything orange and black - and glittery to boot!?

And, this was just the first stop. Suffice it to say that if my calendar will permit, I have many more days like this ahead! Can't wait! My nemesis right now is a scrapbook for the 50th anniversary of our church. It needed to be done YESTERDAY and I should be spending every waking minute on it. It comes down to a tug of war between Halloween and God. If I don't make the correct choice, I see a very WARM climate in my eternal future! I must say, I haven't really scrapbooked for awhile and this is kind of getting the juices flowing-just what I more thing that there is no time for.

Oh yes, after we frittered away most of the day yesterday shopping, we went on to the movies for the rest of it. We saw "The Help" and I would highly recommend it-especially to those of you who lived through the civil rights movement in the south as I did. Gives you a lot to think about.

I am off to spend the day with my mom in Gainesville and then back to scrapbooking for the next few days but then rest assured, my autumn decorations will get up. Next weekend the whole family will be here for the first Gator game weekend, Olivia's birthday (as she told me the other night, "I am now a decade old Nana") and Grandparents' Day. All 3 of my girls have beaten me to the decorating this season so I guess I am a bit of a slacker but I will go down fighting! Stay tuned.

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