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Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Happening!

It is really finally happening. Autumn and Halloween decorations are popping up in stores little by little. I have had a super busy week helping daughter #2 get her classroom ready for the start of a new year and planning for a back-to school party for the 3 youngest grandchildren. We are going to have grandson #1 spend the night one day next week and then all of the following day he and I are going to make back-to-school goodies. I will be sure and take lots of pictures and show you our creations.

Then, that evening, Mom, Dad and the other 2 munchkins will come over for dinner and our little party. Should be fun and a nice way to help 3 little people head off to new schools in a new city where the only people they really know are their grandparents!!

But, in amongst all of the real business I have managed to get into a few of my favorite spots for Halloween. One of those is Yankee Candle. They usually have at least one line that I love and this year is no exception. As a matter of fact, they simply added more to the line they had last year. I loved it then and couldn't get enough of it. So, when I saw they were having their launch last week, I made it a point to get there.

They still have some of the things I already have so that helped the budget a bit, but I had to have the new bottle candleabra and that skeleton hand. Can't wait to figure out where they will go. Of course I had to add the black candle jar and that small skeleton hand that can hang off the edge of just about anything. I think I may actually go back and buy more of them. Wouldn't they look cute hanging off glasses at a Halloween table?

Also stopped by the Dollar Tree and picked up some "creepy cloth", a couple more crows and even some MS knockoff mice silhouettes. I bought her crows last year and wanted to get the mice this year. These are probably not as sturdy as hers, but they are all only paper right? And at $1, I think they're a good deal! I also always buy 1 or 2 of their small headstones so I can tuck them in any little open spot-which, believe me, are few and far between in my house this time of year. As we speak (write) I am fighting the urge to decorate for autumn right now! If I didn't have so many promised things on my plate (back-to-school- and 50th anniversary scrapbooking for our church due next month!!!!!!), I would be all over it!

In any case, it calms my soul to know it is all at least within a few weeks' grasp. I had lunch with some old friends yesterday and they said our next get-together has to be at my house because they can't wait to see what this year looks like. Oh no! Now I've got to really put my brain to work and see what different things I can come up with. Stay tuned! It won't be long-I promise!

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