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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Princess is in the Building

Presley officially turned 2 this week and as if by magic, she has fallen for all things princess, Barbie, baby other words, all things girly girl.

Whoever said raising girls was the same as raising boys didn't really have a clue. I don't think we have done anything to foster the love for all things pink. After all, she has two older brothers so many of the things she has played with the last two years have had wheels, arrows, noise makers, etc. But, suddenly she has become all girl.

I know the above picture doesn't really show her diva side, but it had been a long, hot day and even princesses are prone to kick off their shoes, rip out their barrettes and grab their pacies now and then.

Here is a picture of Presley's cozy quilt. It was a gift from Uncle Joel and Aunt Cyndi and truly a labor of love!

Most of the presents involved girl fun - dress-up clothes, a new baby and cradle, a grocery cart and food, a stroller, puppy dog and carrying case, Clifford and his book, etc.

The party also served as kind of a house warming at the Hollands new home. It was very low key and family oriented as the host and hostess were pretty tired from almost 2 solid weeks of moving, unpacking, and decorating with a whole garage still full of boxes to tackle! Jen went with the theme of watermelons and used it in her food and decorating. She and the kids made watermelon cupcakes which were just the right size for the little princess.

And, they had just the right amount of frosting to still have fun with the messy face!

A peek at the wonderful new yard and a picture of the oldest and youngest. In the end, a super fun day was had by the princess and all of her loyal subjects. When I look at these two together, I can really see how fast time goes and why I work so hard at finding so many of these moments and holding on to so many of these memories.

Today I actually started on my Halloween crafting. Several of the things I am making involved some computer printing and with my meager computer skills, I need to get an early start. I don't know the easy way to do much on the computer so I have to take many more steps than necessary but I now know enough that I can usually accomplish what I want. For the times I can't, I call a kid. I am a true believer of "where there is a will, there is a way". Hope to have more to report soon. Stay tuned.

A quick P.S. If you are reading my blog out of a reader format, I have now added a "Pinterest" button. It gives you a direct link to my boards so you can see where so much of my time is going these days!

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