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Monday, May 22, 2017


When last we "talked", I told you I was going to do some thinking about my next project. I thought maybe I should start thinking about the 4th of July since that would be the next holiday that will require decorations. I headed to my Pinterest folder and came up with a few good ideas.

I was somehow totally drawn to this white box with flowers and flags. I have a white wood box a bit smaller and I also have the very long stained wood box that I made. I might try to do this on the dining room table with a box I already have or I might just make one this size in white-think of all of the holidays where it could be used.

Then, still in the "I already have almost everything I will need" category, this tin, flag and flower display also spoke to me. I think I might do something similar on the sun room table-which is where this tin tray already sits most of the year any way.

I always try to make at least one craft. I think I "pinned" this one thinking maybe the kids could make it but we don't really do our weekend at Nana & Papa's for the 4th any more. Between the kids staying busy with summer camps and their 2 weeks at their other grandparents' ranch in Arkansas, the whole month of June and the first part of July are usually busy. But, I thought I might like to give this a try myself-we shall see.

And then, as always seems to happen, these things started creeping onto my screen!

This is the time of year that I immediately start thinking of autumn...or, at least, August when the sunflowers go out and back-to-school is everywhere. Summer is just not my thing. I'm OK if I don't have to leave home and can walk into the pool every time I think I might implode. But, to actually get on presentable clothes and even a smattering of make-up is torturous just thinking about. Not sure why I ended up in Florida but it's too late now so I will just turn down the thermostat and stay inside and craft. Stay tuned.

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