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Monday, May 8, 2017

Smelling the Roses...

and the jasmine and the dianthus and... I must say I am really enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having and the gardens in bloom. But, it has been a bit more challenging with our severe lack of rain. While we hear of states not too far away where floods are occurring, we are truly in drought mode around here! Everyone's grass feels like straw-and that is even with irrigation (which is now restricted to two days a week and may go down even less soon). I do have a lot of pictures to share but thought I should get my spring decor posts wrapped up first. There isn't much left to show you.

The dining room is really pretty straight forward. It is a cross between spring and Mediterranean. Sometimes when I am not in the total throes of a holiday, I actually forget what I have for year-round. I put out what I remember but then find myself walking past a shelf or closet and suddenly remember some other treasure that I have forgotten all about. Hmmm, maybe it is time to simplify-lol!

Talk about simple! The sun room is super simple because we spend MUCH of our time here these days. With all of the feeders along the sun room windows, there is always a show of nature going on outside. We eat in here, play Yahtzee here, read here, etc. so I don't need lots of things to move every time we want to sit down. But, sometimes there are so many goings on that it is hard to concentrate on why you're there and we find ourselves just giving in to nature. We have some beautiful birds and I think they know we will keep them fed and watered if they hang around enough! With the lack of water these days, I am seeing them bathing and drinking from our fountains or frolicking in the tree sprinkler when I have it on! So much enjoyment for free!

I think I have finally gotten to the end of spring. I don't decorate for 4th of July until the first week in June, so I will have to come up with some other fun things to share with you so we can keep in touch.

We did have a super fun weekend. On Saturday, daughter #2 and our two grand daughters came down and we had an early Mother's Day celebration. We went to lunch at one of our favorites and then home to flowers, a delicious raspberry cake and beautiful sentiments in the prettiest card. It was so nice to have a day with this busy group!

Then, on Sunday, my brother and sister-in-law were here. They brought down a delicious lunch and then we enjoyed visiting and catching up out by the pool the rest of the afternoon-although the pool is still too cold for us "mature" folk. I think it is because our nights are still going down pretty low and our pool is large-it takes a lot of 90 degree days and nights to get comfortable for older bones-although my grandchildren have actually been swimming for over a month already-oh to be young again-lol.

Next visit I'll take you with me out to the garden-stay tuned.


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