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Saturday, May 20, 2017


I bet you thought I forgot that I promised to post the "after" pictures of the window frame-out project! just took me until a few minutes ago to get it all done. Just like with the construction, I sooo under-estimated the time it would take for the finishing work. Lots of taping, painting, touch up where the paint bled under the tape, drips on the wood and slate floors, etc., etc. Yikes! But now that it is all done, I love it!

My plan for the living room is to add wooden roman shades...but, this window is 105" so custom blinds are super expensive. I love the openness of the window during the day but at night, when we have lights on inside, I am just not comfortable with so much "open-ness" so I am keeping my eyes open for a good sale. Until then, the drapes are going back up-hence, the reason you still see the hardware. The drapes don't close but for some reason, they just cover enough to make me more comfortable...of course, they will also hide the prettiest part of what we just did!

This window will stay open since there is only a wall at the opposite end of the room so not much to see from the outside in!

The other reason this project may have taken so long is that we have had a super busy week. Lots of fun goings on but none so fun as helping grand daughter #3 celebrate her 18th birthday in Gainesville. We had a wonderful dinner out and then home to this delicious cake!

And no, she isn't 135. Her mom only had these 3 number candles so she thought she would take some "mathematical license" - 3 + 5 =  8-lol

So that ends another project. Don't have a lot up my sleeve for this next week so I will have to get thinking. I'm sure I will come up with something. Stay tuned.

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