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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just a few little updates as I went through this week. I found this download for a February calendar (from 1927 that has the days falling correctly for 2011) at The Graphics Fairy and thought it would look nice sitting next to the 14. It takes the grouping back to an odd number and is just more pleasing to the eye!

Next I got to work on the birdcage. Last seen, it was a little bare for my liking with just the bird's nest inside. I grabbed up this little flower arrangement and added it to the mix, and now I think I will be able to sleep at night - ha-ha!

Then, a funny thing happened on my way to paint pool furniture. Somehow, I decided that I should be painting my bar stools and baker's rack instead.

Both the stools and rack were purchased from Speigel many years ago. They were an oak kind of color with a bit of a brown glaze. They were fine when I didn't know better!

Then, I stumbled upon the oil rubbed bronze paint that everyone is talking about on the blogs. Here it is looking like black but in real life it is a beautiful dark glittery bronze color. Because there was a slick finish on everything and I'm too lazy to sand, I primed it all with a heavy duty Rustoleum primer and then painted away.

This paint is rather pricey, I think, for a spray paint and because there is so much open work, MUCH of the paint is overspray and ends up on the ground, my hands, feet, etc. Not to mention how much it takes! I had to send my husband to Lowes for another can after depleting the almost 2 full cans that I had. He was gone for a long time and when he returned, he said he managed to snag the last can in the store. Guess the word has spread.

All things aside, I love how they turned out. I have the before and after of the rack - somehow erased the before of the stool - and you might not even see what all of the fuss is about, but they all look so much better now... and life is good! Of course, I will have to rob a bank to be able to buy more paint and finish the pool furniture but I just won't look in the back yard for awhile...and with the yucky weather we're having today and tomorrow, that will be easy for a few more days.

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