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Friday, February 18, 2011

Change is Good

I will be the first to admit that I DON'T LIKE CHANGE! But, this time of year always gets me itching to do something new and fresh around the house and life is so crazy right now that I can't even begin to formulate thoughts about any project of any size. So, as I was starting to take down my Valentine decorations, I realized that I am about over crystals. A few years ago, everything I bought had to have crystals. If it didn't, I probably added them.

I bought this candleabra in Bombay Co. many years ago. I also bought two matching wall sconces. I don't use the sconces any more but the candleabra has had many homes and is now nice and comfy hanging above the coffee table in my living room. I like that it is in an unexpected place.

But, I no longer like the crystals. So, before putting in the new candles, I pulled off the crystal roping. I left the dangling crystals. Didn't want to over do the change factor. I think I really like it better now. Not to mention that it will be so much easier to clean. Although I will admit that more often than not, all the cleaning it got was a hit with the feather duster. Very rarely, I would clean the crystals with ammonia and they always shone so much brighter when I did but it was a MESSY job so I could easily convince myself that too much shine could be dangerous to our health. Why those things could reflect the light into our eyes and we could walk right into something. And, at our age, the results could be disastrous. One very good reason to keep those crystals dingy a little longer!

In any case, I survived the change and it felt kind of good. Who knows what may be next. Stay tuned!

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