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Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Movin' On Up

Or at least I feel that way. This has been a bit of a whirlwind week ending with 2 granddaughters spending the weekend with us. While here, I mentioned that I would like my blog to be updated and before I knew it, I was getting a lesson in computer things I didn't even know existed! How do you like my new banner? I love it and my goal is to update it every month to match the season or holiday. Of course, that is assuming that I will even begin to remember what they taught me...and that is a mighty big assumption!

In any case, my granddaughters asked if we could make this a St. Patrick's weekend like we used to do when they were little and I was only too glad to oblige!

Sadly, we didn't get to any crafts as we had so much else we wanted to fit in - including swimming (them, not ME) in my pool which had to be at least 10 degrees below zero. I couldn't believe they did it but I guess it's great to be young!

The one thing they really wanted to do was make a "green" meal for Papa. In the old days, this was easy...a little food coloring in your mashed potatoes and milk and a meat loaf in the shape of a shamrock and you were good to go. But, these days we had to work around vegetarians (me) and picky eaters (the rest of them!). We settled on whole wheat pasta with pesto, fresh broccoli, sauteed spinach and a big, green salad with lots of fixings to each person's specifications.

The picture below of the food does not make it look all that appetizing, but it was delicious and we all ate lots! The girls decided on the table setting. We had lots to choose from as I have MANY sets of dishes in all colors and patterns...not to mention tables linens and glassware of all colors and forms. They decided on a casual look as we were sitting in the sunroom not the dining room. We filled the table with so many pretties that we had to move my tea cart out there to use for the food which delighted me since it is probably one of the few times I've actually used it for its purpose since I found it many years ago in an antique store in Maitland...but I digress!

In any case, a perfect weekend was had by all culminating with a G.S. cookie booth sale in Gainesville on Sunday afternoon. The weather was picture perfect but more than that, I was reminded of the goodness in people there still is in this day and age. Not everyone bought cookies, but everyone was still incredibly nice to the girls and encouraging. Many shared stories of their G.S. experiences and many more gave us donations just because. It was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon and the enthusiasm of the young is contagious! I think I sang in the car all the way home!

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