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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green.....

....unless you LOVE St. Patrick's Day as much as I do!!! This picture was taken last year and I'm hoping we can all get together to do it again this year. Of course, St. Pat's Day isn't like Halloween, Christmas or even 4th of July. No one else in my family seems to feel the need to celebrate as much as I do. But, in all fairness, they do try to accommodate my obsession. Last year, they even gave me the above green cowgirl hat to add to my collection as an extra birthday present.

I LOVE decorating for this day and as soon as the Valentines come down the St. Pat's goes up. I also just love green. I think it brings a certain tranquility - a feel of nature and calm. I don't have as much St. Pat's stuff as I do for other holidays, but I would guess I have more than the average bear. And, of course, I love my holiday crafting!

I love surfing blogland as I sometimes see others as obsessed as I. Last year I found a download for these Bingo cards at "My Crafty Little Page". I printed them and made this banner that hangs on the hutch in my dining room. I simply matted the cards, embellished with glitter shamrocks and frills made from cupcake liners, punched holes and strung.

Because I love vintage postcards so much, this banner seemed like a no brainer. It hangs across the armoire in my living room. Once again, simply print, mat, embellish and string.

Here is the obligatory Bingo card from last year - seems like I made them for every holiday!

This canvas was the beginning of the subway art that is so popular this year. When this idea first came out, everyone was printing them on real canvas - which I think is still my favorite. But, now, so many people are offering free downloads of digital subway art for every occasion. It is so easy to just print and frame that I have started doing it that way myself...literally a 5 minute craft but it really doesn't give as much bang for your buck as the original. Never-the-less, I just printed the first St. Patrick's Day one I've ever seen and as soon as I buy a frame, it will find an empty spot in this year's decorations.

The last craft for this post will look familiar. I loved the Valentine frame so much that I decided to do one for St. Pat's. I used my trusty Cricut once again for the numbers and then embellished the frame with a twisted fabric flower, stamp and shamrock charm.

I am always jumping the gun on holiday decor so once the stores and the blogs catch up with me, I am sure I will see some more new ideas for this year. Stay tuned and I'll let you know!

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