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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Monk and Valentine's Day

I know that may be a title that will send
some people running, but we love Monk in this house. And, we seem to be persuading everyone we know to love it as much! I have finally come to the decision that I love it so much because I can relate to Adrian Monk. I definitely have a bit of OCD. Witness
the attached pictures. Most people
would have been done with their
Valentine decorations as I showed you
in recent blogs, but I have to do what I
call "tweaking" and somehow that sounds better than obsessing!

I have a lot going on in my life right now and as much as I would like to tackle some large projects,
I can't seem to wrap my mind around any one long enough to actually get started. So, that leaves me time to start looking at what is! And time to start "tweaking". Hence this update.

I was in HL the other day and found this $20 frame at 66%

off. I liked it because it was a different size than most
of my frames. I'm not sure how it will ultimately end up,
but for now, I used my Cricut and cut out the numbers
and simply mounted them on a sheet of Valentine
scrapbook paper. It is on the sideboard in the
dining room.

Then I brought in my birdcage. I found the bird in the floral department of HL and made the banner from some ribbon and letters I had on hand. I used the bird nest from a spring vignette and slipped 3 sparkly hearts into it. This now sits in the front familyroom window that I was not happy with but I couldn't get a good picture of it there because of the lighting. I like the whole vignette so much better now...who knew?

I also did some tweaking on the familyroom mantle. I bought 2 large chipboard letters and added the glitter. I placed them on the mantle as well as re-positioning the lights and adding a banner of some old vintage Valentine cards that I had downloaded last year and never used. I like the look a lot better now - it is much more symmetrical - another Monk thing!

Lastly, I was looking at some vintage image CDs I had purchased and realized that I had never downloaded any of the Valentine images. I liked the one of the little girl with the Valentine, so I printed it out and layered it on some scrapbook paper and voila, a cute little image to prop on a stand and fill in an empty corner - if there is ever such a thing around here. It wasn't popping quite enough for me, so I added the glittered heart and that did the trick!

Once again, I think I am finished decorating for Valentine's Day but you never know when more of Mr. Monk will creep in and my OCD will take charge. But I do know that when I was in the stores yesterday, I was greeted with lots if St. Patrick's Day stuff, so my brain has already started to go the green route. I love to decorate for this holiday because the green gives the feeling of spring as well and it is very easy to add a few bunnies and eggs and you are on to Easter. Boy, it is no wonder that I see my life flashing before my eyes and time going so much more quickly than it has ever before. Maybe I need to stop and take time to smell the roses...if only someone would give me some for Valentine's Day - hint, hint!

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