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Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Mine

When I looked at the above picture on yesterday's blog, I knew I really didn't like this area. Don't need or want to spend more money on Valentine's Day decor at the moment, so I shopped the house. I think it was the lack of height that was bothering me so I found this red vase on the porch. It may not be Valentiney, but the bare branches speak of winter to me and it gives a bit more proportion to the tall area. Check out the before after above and see if you agree.

I thought I was happy with the addition of the branches in the vase until I was reading new blogs this morning. Someone had old shutters on their mantle and I remembered that I used shutters in all of my autumnal decorating and loved them. They came down for Xmas as the reindeer candleabra was plenty tall enough for this space on its own. Anyhow, I ran out to the garage, grabbed the shutters, leaned them up and now I think I may be done. What do you think?

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