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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

So into the family room we go. I bought these hearts on a string a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. They're really simple but I like them. They look really nice hanging in a wreath but for now they hang on the door to an old red cupboard.

Admittedly this window area is one of the last that I decorate and somehow I run out of steam by the time I get there. This year I decided to use it as one more area for frames. I love the conversation heart frame that my youngest daughter made last year. I was a bit worried about how it would store with all of the humidity here in Florida, but I just stored it in the house with all of the other photos and delicate decorations and it is perfect!

I am going to bring my "Halloween" birdcage in this weekend and replace this plant. Then, I think I will check out the wedding sections of Michaels and HL and see if I can't do some sort of a "love bird" vignette. I'll let you know if I pull it off.

This planter sits by the door out to the pool. I actually bought it for my guest bathroom. For many years it was in there and served as a towel and bath item holder for company. One day I just got tired of it and brought it out here for its intended purpose and I love it. The mirror above I bought at a Junior League Holiday show from some women whose husbands were in the renovation business. Apparently they take old tin ceiling tiles and use them to make these mirrors. I love this mirror. Usually I stick antique cards of the season into it but I was ready for a change this year so it is unadorned. I also love the long, thin hanging vase that my oldest daughter bought me. I keep it filled with a few seasonal stems all of the time and it just seems to set off this area.

Many years ago (when I just had 4 grand daughters) I saw this idea for long stemmed "poses" and I made every one a set that year. Mine stays out all of the time. Fast forward to 7 grandchildren and my mom in a nursing home. I try to always keep seasonal decorations in her room but space is limited so I thought I would re-work this bouquet. I simply added the new faces and some glitter and one now sits on my table as well as another on my mom's bed side table. It is so fun to look at those faces and sure lasts a lot longer than the real things!

We made these wreaths in G.S. a few years ago. You simply bend a clothes hanger into a heart shape - actually the hardest part - and then tie on small strips of fabric. I think the knot is called a half hitch. You can make this a lot fluffier but we are always on a tight budget not to mention the fact that by the time the girls are about 2/3 done tying knots, they're more than ready to be done! It gets a little hard on the hands as you have to pull pretty tight to make it look nice.

Here is one of my new loves. My oldest daughter and her family gave it to me for Christmas. First of all, it is rusty so what's not to love. Then, it is BIG and it is a lantern and did I mention, it is rusty? Right now it is hanging in the corner of the family room where I can see it every night but I love it so much that I may move it into the living room near the rusty HUGE sconces that my youngest gave me. They will look wonderful together but for now, I am keeping it all to myself!

I have been playing around with some crafts today and if I can come up with something I like, I will post it tomorrow. It seems to be one of those days when no matter what I try, I just can't quite hit the mark. We'll see how it goes - stay tuned.

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