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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Key to My Heart

I finally found some time to do a little bit of crafting. It is always surprising to me how many "themes" pop up in my decorating - even when I am not trying...rust, bird cages, lanterns, chunky wooden candle holders, etc., etc., and now...skeleton keys. When I saw this idea out on the blog, I realized that I love these keys and always have some on display if only propped against a picture in a vignette. I knew I had to whip up something like this and simply lay it on an old book with a red leather cover. I love it. And, I know where to find many more keys for my next project. My favorite, "The Shoppe" in Micanopy, carries them all of the time. Unless they are sold out because apparently they are a favorite of more than just me. But, they refill the basket almost as fast as they sell out! So, just ask.

I made this vintage heart collage because I love all things vintage but it isn't exactly as I had in my mind. I have tweaked it a few times since I "finished" and it is getting closer to what I had envisioned but still not quite there. We'll see if any inspiration hits before the big day.

I love cones. This one was the easiest I have made so far because I didn't have to start by making the cone. I bought a number of packages of polka dot treat cones thinking we might be able to use them in some way for Presley's sweet shoppe party. We didn't so there they were just begging to be used. They were made of card stock that I usually wouldn't use for something I wanted to pack & save - usually make mine from chip board - but once they were covered in 2 coats of glue and glitter, they were more than sturdy! I simply embellished with a premade rosette from MS and lined with a crocheted doilly from my mom and a vintage greeting.

Then I still needed something to hang from "the hand". I cut out a heart and wings from chip board, covered them in glitter and printed the sentiment. I have to confess that I saw something VERY SIMILAR at "House of Whimsy" and knew I had to do it. As I have said many times before, I don't think I've ever had an original idea but I mostly use others' ideas as a starting point and then go from there to something of my own.

The last area I had time for was the nook in the diningroom. I made this banner using a free download from the internet. Then I tied a large bow on the goose. It is starting to come together but will probably get a few tweaks before I am done as well...actually, I guess I'm never really ever done. I'm usually packing things I buy after the holiday or filing away ideas for next year before any holiday is officially ever over in my house. Guess I'm the original "party girl" - ha-ha!

I have a few more things I would like to do to the sunroom, but for the most part I am ready for the big day. If inspiration strikes soon, I will be back. But for now, I am on to repainting some more pool furniture. Hopefully I will have it all done by our first spring day!

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