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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Seeing RED

O.K. So it is a little early to be decorated for Valentine's Day. I rationalize it by saying that since Valentines is in the middle of Feb., I want at least a month to look at the decorations. But, the truth of the matter is, as I am getting older, I am getting lazier! Up until last year, as I took down Christmas, I put up lots of white and silver and sparkle and snow flakes and pine cones. I loved the way that looked but I only left it up for a week or two before I was chomping at the bit to get up Valentines. Then, as I was taking down everything red last Jan., it dawned on me that I could really minimize Christmas take down if I just left the red and went straight to Valentines. So I did! I have also realized that next to Halloween, this is the holiday where I have the most hand made items. Ever since Hannah was born, we have made family gifts. Didn't realize how many until I started photographing them. So, here we go again on a tour through the house to give you a peek at what is there now. But, don't blink because things change around here on a moment's notice!

I made this banner last year. I cut the chipboard letters with my Cricut and then glittered them. You can't see it but the flower is made from book print. I did it by hand but now that I have the Tim Holtz flower punch, it would be so much easier.

The corner hutch has a frame that the kids made when they were very young, I just bought inexpensive wooden frames at Michaels and painted them red. Then, I let the kids go at it with self stick foam candy hearts. I must say, the one displayed here shows a lot of restraint. Some of the frames were literally covered and their moms gave me funny looks when we delivered them, but they were truly hand made by the kids!

The above spool holder was done when they were a bit older. I wrote the words but they decorated the hearts however they wanted and every one was different.

I made this tag last year as well. I just printed a vintage Valentine and embellished it. I don't remember, but I probably got the image from The Graphics Fairy. I am hoping to use this weekend to get some new Valentines made this year but we'll see how things go!

Here is another banner I made last year. Pretty much the same idea as the last. I DO love to glitter!!

The flower hanger at the beginning of this post was made by my oldest daughter many years ago. I think she saw the idea in Martha Stewart back before her TV show, etc. It is very simple but very classic. It hangs on the doors of the armoire in the living room and I love it!

Tomorrow, we will head into the dining room. Stay tuned.

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