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Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting Back to Routine

I am happy to say that I finally have all of Christmas down and put away. It took me awhile because I kept finding other little projects to squeeze in...but that's a good thing. And now, I have Christmas down as well as lots of little projects completed-a good way to start the new year!

And so, let's move along on the Valentine decor. Into the kitchen we go. Once again I was so thankful that I finally started using the baker's rack for its intended purpose and not just as another place to display pictures and decor. My brother, sister-in-law and youngest grand daughter were here for the weekend and we grabbed many dishes and cups from the rack. It is just the easiest way to not only display but to also make available all of your holiday items for easy accessibility!

I'm so happy it's tulip time again! I love spring flowers and around here, the tulips are always the first to arrive and are the most readily available.

As I was posting this blog, I was looking at all of the things that I still use that I have made over the years. I am really having trouble finding anything I want to put on my craft to-do list this year. I haven't given up hope - I am still looking - but, when I make something I like it to be something I can and will actually use. Don't know if I'm just getting pickier or if there really aren't any new ideas out there. Fingers crossed that I will get a brain storm soon. Stay tuned.

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