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Thursday, November 9, 2017

I'm Back!

Can't believe I am still posting about Halloween, but I recently got back from my favorite Halloween haunt and wanted to share my fun before I catch up to the rest of the world!

I have posted many times before about how totally the Old Northeast Historic district in St. Pete goes all out for Halloween. My oldest daughter and her family live there and this year, we had over 2000 trick-or-treaters before we ran out of candy and closed up shop. Things were so busy that I didn't get pictures of all of the houses in the dark but suffice it to say, once again the neighborhood didn't disappoint! To me, there is just something magical about sitting on her beautiful porch and greeting so many happy, excited people. I love how it is always families and lots of parents dress up as well!

Somehow I missed getting Kris' whole house before-or afetr-the fun happened. But, I did get a shot of this guy. He was in her living room looking out the side door to the porch so if anyone came up those stairs, they were taken aback! She also had a skeleton sitting in one of her dining room chairs and it was totally visible to the kids from where we were handing out the treats. Lots of the kids jumped back and asked about it and we just said we weren't very good cooks!

This is the house right across the street. Every year, they turn the house into another "face". This year it is a monster with two large eyes in the upstairs windows and bloody teeth stretching across the porch. Last year, it was a creepy clown.

Since Liv and her friends are now all sophomores in high school, they don't trick-or-treat anymore. They usually just "give a nod" to the holiday in some way-like the lovely vampire blood trickling from her mouth. Where have all of the princess costumes I used to make gone? They start at Kris' with drinks and appetizers then head through the neighborhood to look at all of the decorations. Then they stop at one of the girl's houses for her family's annual Halloween party and usually finish by walking downtown and stopping either for a gelato or drink at Starbucks. Is there any wonder why they love living here so much? We had invites to a number of neighborhood parties but after the 2000 kids, we were happy just to walk around looking at decorations and gab with everyone still sitting out on their porches.

Grand daughter #2 came home from college and spent the week with us, so we got to have even more fun. And, I got to meet my new great-grandog! Caitlin adopted this little cutie and she and Jasper became fast friends!

As I mentioned, we did lots of eating and one of our favorites is close to Kris' house...and, it was a picture, perfect autumn day-just right for the outdoor eating that we love to do. We love to people watch and you're never sure who-or what-might just stroll by! These two pigs quickly became the center of attention and everyone stopped them to talk and take pictures. They were in a stroller with jackets embroidered with their names-Bubbe' and Schmaltz. When their owners got a table, these two were fed like children and oinked their approval-or disapproval-accordingly!

Even though I was there for a week, we didn't get to a fraction of the things we wanted to do-guess I will just need to get back there soon-and often! Next time we definitely need to fit in a trip to the Vinoy Terrace for a glass of wine and their delicious homemade potato chips! Is it any wonder that I love this trip so much?!

And so, I am finally almost caught up to November. I have all of my Thanksgiving decorations up and Halloween is all down but still not all packed away. The older I get, the slower I am becoming and oh, my aching back!

In any case, my next post will catch me up. And then, in the blink of an eye, it will all be coming down for Christmas to magically appear! Where has the year gone? Stay tuned.

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