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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

On to the Kitchen

There will definitely be a lot of cooking going on in this room come this weekend when family begins arriving for the holiday week, so we better catch it while it still looks clean. Soon the counters will be full of all sorts of goodies and snacks as well as some healthy food to boot!

Every year when I take these candles out of storage, I am so grateful that they are still in one piece. I don't mind that they are showing their age because, after all, my husband and I bought them for our first Thanksgiving after we got married. They were one of my "must haves" because my mom had had them in my childhood home-in fact, I think just about every home had a set of these candles way back then! If I remember correctly, they were readily available every year at Woolworths.

I'm still using the Pilgrim hat flower pot that Jen made me many years ago and the set of Pilgrims I made back in the day when I was totally obsessed with ceramics! I think I continue to use them because they're cute but also because I truly don't believe my eyes were ever good enough to paint those infinitesimal features on them! These days I'm lucky if I can see the Pilgrims themselves-with my glasses-lol.

So that's it for this year's kitchen but I'v got more to share so stay tuned.

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