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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Giving Thanks

Yay! Halloween is FINALLY all packed up and Thanksgiving is out and ready for you to join me on this year's tour-welcome!

If you are one of those people who is very observant, you might notice that there is always something hanging on my front door. It is almost always the metal bucket that I got from Southern Living many years ago and it if usually full of seasonal flowers. Sometimes there might be a wreath or a basket of flowers but, there is always something.

When I was taking down the Halloween bucket, something jumped at me. Usually I don't mind "critters" but because I have seen lots of posts on FB of late about snakes, I am a bit skittish. But, no, this wasn't a snake-it was way worse-at least to me. It was a HUGE, white tree frog. After he jumped off me, he suctioned on the door so I couldn't even open it to escape inside. And then, when I screamed and dropped the bucket, the flowers all fell out as well as two more HUGE tree frogs. I must have been quite the scene because they kept wanting to come toward me and the door and I wanted them in the garden! And gone! I kept yelling at them and they kept jumping toward me. I know they can't hurt me-and I like regular frogs and toads-I just don't like tree frogs. I think it is left over from my childhood in south Florida where we had awning windows that filled up with those creatures as soon as it got dark and you turned on a light inside. Heaven forbid it you actually had to walk across your porch. They would all just "attack" and I've never gotten over it!

Suffice it to say, I'm rethinking the whole "bucket/basket/wreath on the door thing. Not sure what I will do next month when I am longing for my Christmas wreath but I just know those three are sitting quietly in my garden watching me and waiting for me to relent. They will be back-I just know it! Lol

So, after that lengthy intro, come on in!

Look closely and see if you can find the "new kid on the block".

You will have to look very closely because I have had most of this stuff for awhile.

And because it matches everything else so perfectly. If you are a faithful viewer of my blog, you have probably noticed the new lamp. It looks just like the candle holders that I love so much. Must be the reason that no matter how many times I tried to move on, I just kept going back to it-and its twin (which you will see in a minute). Kris and I were off for a day of shopping in our favorite decor shops in and around St. Pete and I just needed a new, little treasure. They made my heart happy!

Yep, there is its twin. I am as drawn to lamps as I am to candle holders...and urns...and rust...and tin and...!!

So that's it for this year's living room. I will be back with more. Guess I had better hurry as Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Stay tuned.

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