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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I sat in this spot and added to this blog! Let's just say that "life has a way of interrupting our best plans" and that has been so around here of late. But, I am managing to get a bit of my Christmas decorating done and I have a few minutes right now so I thought I might begin my holiday 2016 tour. Welcome. There are a few changes-mostly to simplify. Everyone knows I am a bit of a traditionalist so I really do prefer red, green and natural elements for Christmas. Let's see how I did.

I kind of got tired of having to store so many artificial wreaths over the year so I made the big leap and passed them on to a daughter for her large house and I am going with a simple live wreath on the front door from now on! I had these embellishments so I just added them on.

And, I must say, as much as I am NOT a Wal-Mart fan, I do love their seasonal plants. I got several smaller poinsettias for $4 each and this large beauty was under $10! I will probably go back to get more as we get closer to the real day.

These are really just some of my Santa collection. I used to have them all out all over the house but as I am trying to simplify, I am also de-cluttering. I thought I would just put this bunch out this year and then will probably see if any of my family would like to have them. Funny how things you loved so much at one time no longer hold the same passion!

I do still love this long box I made out of old wood. I am more than happy any time I can use it in our decor.

The same can be said about this old porch rail piece that daughter #1 got me at a salvage yard in Atlanta.

I'm always amazed when I do this vignette at just how closely the cross stitch Santa that I did many years ago resembles the Santa that I also bought a long time ago at Wayside Antiques.

For all those many years that I yearned for an antique dough bowl, this is exactly the reason. I always saw it full of antique Christmas ornaments. We once had many more than we do now. When I started trying to pull them for this display, I realized how many we have lost over the years. But, after raising 3 children and a total of 19 cats and 4 dogs spaced over the years, I think we still came out ahead of the game. Many a tree tumbled over during those busy years.

So that is the start of our tour. We have a pretty busy week in store but I hope I can get back soon. Stay tuned.

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