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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas is fast approaching and I still have so much left to do so I thought I would quickly show you a bit more of our decor and then get myself busy!

Let's start in the family room. Not much needs to be said-I think it's all pretty much self explanatory.

I love that I now have a lot of the "flickering" programmed candles in many of our rooms. They all come on at about the same time and really do look so real. My goal is to keep my eyes open for good sales and replace a lot more of our traditional candles. I am a "candle person" but sometimes worry that I won't remember to get them all blown out some night when I'm tired and not thinking clearly so these truly are the next best thing.

So, so many memories on this wreath. There are ornaments from my childhood, ornaments made to commemorate special occasions, ornaments that were gifts from special people, etc. My sister-in-law and I first saw a similar wreath many years ago in our favorite, local country store. It was pretty expensive and the store bought variety would not evoke anywhere near as many memories as our own treasures so we set out to each make our own the day after Thanksgiving. We even got my mom working on one for herself-I now have that wreath as well and you will see it soon hanging in the sunroom by the table where we can usually be found eating, crafting, playing games, etc.

I'm loving this vignette more and more-simply take out the last arrangement and pop in something appropriate for the current season or holiday-a true no-brainer-just what I need!

I still love these pillow covers. I found them "cheap" at Kohls a few years ago and they reminded me of the water color pillows I had gotten from PB-which were not cheap. I love a good knock-off!

I am absolutely addicted to this soap. The smell is intoxicating but I am more drawn to the beautiful seasonal wrappings. In my Barnes and Nobles, they are up near the registers and you have to pass them to pay. They change with each season/holiday and I can almost never get out of that store without at least one!

I still have our bedroom and the guest rooms to show you and this weekend is our traditional Nutcracker visit with our five grand daughters so I hope I will have more to share soon. Stay tuned.

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