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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Onward We Go!

We are having the dreariest weather this week...warm, muggy and overcast. Mostly the kind of weather where you just want to stay inside so that is what I am doing. The perfect kind of weather to sit at the computer and maybe get in another post before something changes my path so, here we go! On to the dining room.

I found this chalkboard download at Chrisyt's Customs and decided it would work well in this vignette...not only did I need something a little St. "Patricks-y" but I thought the black would help ground everything as well. I like it but I am thinking to make it look more authentic, I might need to remove the glass in the frame.

I love this bone china. It was my moms and was given to her by my dad. At one point in his Air Force career, he did much traveling as a flight inspector. He would be gone weeks at a time and whenever he returned, he would come bearing gifts. Many times my mom's gift would be new bone china for her collection and, because of my Irish heritage, the ones with shamrocks or thatched Irish cottages always meant the most to me...although the lily-of-the-valley designs are beautiful too!

Finally have the time to start making plans for our St. Pat's weekend with the kids. I am trying to come up with some new ideas but I know we will be repeating the rainbow spaghetti because I had a special request from a special little girl. I love how much they remember and how much these moments mean to them. I love building memories with them! Stay tuned.

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