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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Best Laid Plans

I am not sure if it is because we are now "officially" retired or just because I am getting older and lazier but I am seeming to have more and more trouble fitting into my days the things I plan to fit in when I make my morning to-do list. Seems like just when I have a day all planned out, something unexpected pops up to send me down a totally different road. I keep moving the same chores from one day's list to the next and have many, many, many still left to do.

But, since I never actually finished showing you my Valentine's decor, I am going to try to do better with St. Pat's. I am doing this for you...the wash, weeding, vacuuming, etc. will just have to wait-haha.

Now that we have moved the baker's rack into the end of the kitchen and are actually using it for its intended purpose - sort of - I am wondering more and more how I ever lived without it here!? It is so easy to reach for holiday dinnerware every time when it is right here out in the open!

Still "hanging" around from my embellished Bingo card obsession days!

May be time to make some more "napkin decoupaged" plates again. They are pretty foolproof and I always love the end result!

So that is the kitchen this year. There are a few things I am thinking about making so if time permits, there may be a few tweaks still in order. If not, I can live with it. I love the calming effect the color green has on me...and somehow, it makes the house feel cleaner as well. Maybe I should keep the green all year long - haha. Stay tuned.

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