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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some Traditions Never Change...

...well, I guess that's why they are called traditions - haha.

In any case, the tradition of hand made Valentines goes back so many years for me that I can't even remember when it actually started. I can remember sitting with my mom and cutting Valentines when I was young. I remember the fun we have had doing the same thing when my girls were young, all through the years I led a G.S. troop, when my grand children came along, all the years I was a G.S. leader for them and now on to my making cards on my own. There has always been something so special to me about the ceremony of pulling out red, white and pink paper, doilies, ribbons and glitter and making something to tell someone you love how much they mean to you. I have always loved anything hand made. To me it says so much more than just a store bought anything. That doesn't mean that I don't love anything and everything that anyone gives me when they are showing that I mean something special to them and that they care about me. Nor does it mean that I can always find the time or the energy to make what I see in my mind. But, if there is a chance to do so, I will do it.

That being said, I have noticed how everything I am doing these days is a bit less complicated. I used to make cards that took hours on end and I just can't seem to push myself in that direction any more. But, I do still love to pull all of the seasonal supplies out and see what happens.

This year I will admit that my card is simple and something I knew I could fit into what has become a rather busy schedule. Not sure how this has happened now that hubby is retired, but time seems to be less and less as I get older.

So this is what the table looked like a bit ago - no doilies or glitter this year but fun none-the-less!

Not at all what I thought I was going to do but heartfelt...and done! Stay tuned.

P.S. I found this idea on Home Decorating's Pinterest board.

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