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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Here We Go Again!

Even though Halloween and Christmas are my favorite "decorating" holidays, I have to admit that I do LOVE my St. Pat's decor. Well, not so much the decor but the colors of the day.

Having a bit of an Irish heritage, I do love all things Irish. I also love green. It is my favorite color for all things. I have come to realize that all colors go well with green since it comes from nature and all colors of flowers look good with green leaves and grass.

And so, I started my St. Pat's decorating the other day in much the same way I do all of my holiday and seasonal decorating-I first get out my containers full of holiday goodies and then I start grabbing everything else in the right color family. I knew I loved green but didn't know quite how much until I saw my "green pile" getting larger and larger. There was no way I was going to fit all of that green into this decorating session but the stuff that didn't make the cut will surely be back when I swing into "spring". That is another of those serendipitous things that happen when I can use a color for much more than one holiday or season. Much of the green that I just put out will now stay out through my spring and Easter decorating...and may even make the cut as we go into summer. I love it when that happens!

Lots of the things are pretty much as they were last year with an occasional new idea or purchase thrown in here and there. I have a particular affinity towards vintage postcards so when I saw this metal image on sale at JoAnns, I knew I just had to have it. It fits right in with the vintage postcard banner that I made a few years back.

I still love this arrangement the girls and I made so many years ago. Since I am "into" larger statement decor these days, I simply prop it on top of a candle holder and it can "hold its own" against the "big boys".

This vignette is a perfect example of holiday decorating without a lot of actual holiday stuff and more with just the colors of the day.

The only true St. Pat's decoration here is the vintage postcard I printed from one of many sites available these days placed in the simple shamrock frame. The rest of the decor is finished with just the colors of the day!

So that is the beginning of my St. Pat's decorating. We still have much more to see so stay tuned.

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