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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time Flies....

....when you're having fun!

And I have been having fun. We were off on our trip to Tampa for my husband's tax seminar. While he sits in class all day learning about the new laws for 2014, I am free to do as I please and this time I spent one full day off shopping and another sitting around the pool, walking the grounds, sitting in the lobby and reading and sitting out on the terrace. It was just what I needed before coming home and hitting the ground running. We stopped in Dade City for several hours as well on the way down. We had lunch at one of our favorites while there - Kafe Kokopelli - and ambled in and out of the shops. I love the small town feel of this place. They still use the old city hall and it is always done up for the holiday.

I started the weekend at a football game for this guy...

The weather was picture perfect for being outdoors - and I got lots of the outdoors when I got home because hubby and I put up the lights. Since his knee replacement, he isn't supposed to climb too high on ladders so I do that part. I have a few heart palpitations when I'm up on the 4th step of the ladder with nothing to hold on to to reach the peak of the house but even though I had to do it 4 different times (as we kept adding more of those new shooting star lights to the mix - and measured incorrectly once or twice - I told you I'm a "measure once" kind of gal - I lived to tell about it and it looks so good this year.

And, somewhere in the midst of all of that, I got my decorating done. Let's start in the livingroom...

I changed a few things up this year but with Christmas descending as quickly as it is and all of the other things we have on our calendar, I fell back on a lot of my old standards. I still love the way everything looks and smells - especially at night when all of the lights and candles are lit and everything takes on a special glow!

Can't wait to show you the rest - in between baking, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning and all of those other things still on the to-do list! Stay tuned.

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