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Friday, December 20, 2013

Be My Guest!

So "re-entry" was a bit harder than I anticipated! I am having trouble getting back into routine, I have been out running errands and we have been eating out almost every night. We are using the excuse that we need to go to all of our favorite restaurants to eat so we can buy the gift cards and receive the bonus gift card that they are all offering. Of course we know that we can go and buy the cards without having to stay and eat but I think we have convinced ourselves that there are no calories in good food this time of the year so....

In any case, our 5 grand daughters will all be here for the weekend to "do" our traditional Nutcracker weekend and I am not ready! I just started wrapping and cleaning is taking a way back seat! And, that would be fine except that I am planning on doing almost all of the cooking for our Christmas dinner on Monday so we can head off on Christmas eve and return on Christmas afternoon with the whole gang and ready to roll! But, I really am not stressing because somehow or other, this seems to happen every year and somehow or other, I get it done every year. If I have a chance to have an experience with our children or grand children or hubby, I am going to choose that over chores any day. And I have had lots of those experiences this year so I am happy!

In any case, I have guest bath pictures to share today so let's get going.

I just picked up this Christmas shower curtain at Kohls. I have never really thought about one before even though I have a Halloween shower curtain that I love. But, I happened to be walking by when I saw this and it was on sale for something like 70% off and then I had another 30% coupon so they "almost paid me to buy it". It would not be my first choice but I couldn't pass up that price!

I bought the holly hooks at the same time.

There are still a few little areas I haven't shared yet this year - mostly because they are never clutter free enough to photograph. I am hoping that by Christmas eve morning, I will get that chance but you never know around here. Stay tuned to see.

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